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SPOILER Summary and Review of Season 7 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

( If you haven’t seen the season 7 premiere episode of The Walking Dead, just stop reading right now, take your phone, turn it off and throw it into a river or something. I will be recapping the entire episode and will write about every single spoiler from the show so, you have been warned…. Multiple times, OK? Ok…. You can skip to whatever section you wish but make sure to please answer the questions I am including. I really want to know what you guys think.

Quick Summary
Negan picks Abraham and whacks him in the head with the scary bat. A bloody Abraham gets up like a boss and tells Negan to suck his private parts. Negan graphically smashes Abraham’s head until it is nothing but mush. Daryl gets mad, punches Negan and Negan then proceeds to teach everyone a lesson by killing sweet and beautiful Glenn. He hits Glenn so hard on the top of his head that Glenn’s eye pops out, which Negan jokes about. Then he just keeps swinging at Glen and turns his head into a nasty, bloody pulp.

Negan takes Rick on his RV to see how tough Rick is. He makes him fetch an axe while having to fight off a whole bunch of walkers. Negan tells Rick he should just give up and join him. That there is no point in trying to fight him. Since Rick still looks at Negan with hatred and defiance, he tells him he needs to chop off his son Carl’s arm off. After Negan finally gets Rick to completely break down and show him that he really does see him as the alpha male. Negan spares Carl’s arm, takes Daryl hostage, packs up his goons, takes off and leaves Rick and the remaining members of his group in the forest.

Detailed Summary
The show starts right after Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has finished killing the mystery person(s) from last season’s cliffhanger finale. They don’t show or say who it is right away and even though this should have been expected because of the creators’ need to milk things as much as possible, it was handled very well and it built up the anticipation even more, also, I wasn’t in a rush to see a character die anyways.

After Rick (Andrew Lincoln) looks Negan directly in the eyes and tells him that he is going to kill him, Negan takes Rick with him on his RV and they drive off. He takes him to where there are a ton of zombies and tells him to go fetch an axe. This is obviously done to test Rick who Negan could have easily killed but knows that Rick can be a very valuable asset as long as he plays nice. In order for Rick to cooperate, Negan knows that he has to completely break him, basically treat him worse than dirt and make him realize that he is in a position of complete powerlessness and has no control of the situation he and his family are in. Rick, of course, finds the axe in the foggy dawn, throws it on top of the RV and climbs up there to get away from the walkers and catch his breathe. This is where he starts having a flashback to that one time Negan killed the mystery man the night before.

Negan is shown doing his creepy, eeny, meeny, miney, moe which lands on Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). I said it was going to be him since last season’s cliffhanger finale because Abraham was a very likeable character and it was guaranteed that it would make a big impact if he was the one picked. However, it’s not like I had any sense of satisfaction because of my correct guess. I felt horrible watching Negan hit Abraham with the barb wire bat. Negan whacks Abraham hard and makes him fall to the ground, but he doesn’t stay down. Nope, he is a total badass and can’t go out like a chump so, even though his head is bloody and he knows this is it for him. He doesn’t beg, he doesn’t cry, he looks Negan right in his stupid face and tells him to suck his private parts. Negan gets a kick out of that line, laughs like a maniac and then proceeds to murder Abraham by continuing to use his bat on Abraham’s head until it’s nothing but a disgusting pile of flesh.

Everyone is forced to witness the graphic and disturbing execution and Negan seems like he had the time of his life, slaughtering the red haired macho man. Negan jokes and makes fun of the rest of Rick’s group. He taunts Rosita (Christian Serratos)for a while until Daryl (Norman Reedus) can’t contain his anger anymore and gets up and punches the bastard, wanna be baseball player, right in his disgusting mug. This is a major no no for Negan and he says that he warned everyone not to do anything stupid like that. That he was willing to overlook one of these instances but now he had to teach all off them a lesson so they will not do that again… and what is his lesson?…Killing Glenn!!! (Steven Yeun)

As if you needed any more reasons to hate Negan, he goes and kills my beloved Glenn. Negan is officially on my list of most hated fictional characters, right up there with Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones. I know that some people are going to say that he’s awesome and that they like him and whatnot, but those of you who agree with me, please do me a favor. If you see someone dressed up like Negan in Halloween, go ahead and boo them for me please. I would highly appreciate that.

Anyways, when Negan surprises and shocks everyone by hitting Glenn extremely hard in the noggin. Glenn also falls down just as Abraham did, and he ALSO gets up but when he does, we see that he got hit so hard that his eye popped out of his socket. The demented bastard Negan jokes about this and says that it looks nasty as Glenn says his last words to his wife: “Maggie, I’ll find you.” I mean, come on, make me turn on the waterworks why don’t you. This was definitely a callback to the time when they got separated and Glenn was on a mission to find her but it sounded like it was said in a more spiritual, I’ll find you on the other side, kinda way, or maybe it was just his brain spouting randomness as it shut down. Whatever the case may be, I felt absolutely terrible watching an OG from the show get annihilated in such a brutal way. Negan made sure that nobody will doubt that Glenn is dead this time by delivering so many blows to his skull and turning Glenn’s beautiful head into a mountain of red goo.

This makes Negan, by far, the most dangerous and greatest threat Rick and the gang have ever encountered, as my friend Benny said, “Negan makes the Governor look like a little female dog”. There is NOTHING Rick could have done to save any of his friends, actually, his family. He was surrounded by lots of Negan’s thugs and he knew that more people would die if he tried anything. He was completely helpless but I’m thinking that he knew that he still had to act tough and like a leader in front of his crew. That’s why he told Negan he was going to kill him and that’s why Negan took him on his little, find my axe amongst the walkers, trip.

After Rick returns to the inside of the RV, Negan keeps trying to achieve his goal of making Rick become his follower. He even offers him a position of leadership and tells him there’s no point trying to fight him or oppose him. However, Rick, being the anti sissy that he is, seems like he is not going to just give up and surrender to Negan. Maybe someone that was not as smart or as sinister as Negan would have just left it like that and possibly would have tried again in the future. Negan, however, had another trick up his leather sleeve.

He literally drags Rick from the RV once they make it back to camp and he says that since Rick is still looking at him defiantly he has to chop off his son’s arm or he will kill everyone from his group. Now this… is some seriously sick and demented poop right here. Negan just kept outdoing himself as the show progressed. It would have been enough if he would have just killed Abraham, but the Glenn… AND NOW THIS??? What was Rick supposed to do? He begs Negan to pick him instead, but Negan ignores his pleas. FINALLY Rick loses all control and breaks down.

He weeps, he begs and he realizes what Negan wanted all along. Rick has met a superior nemesis, he is outgunned, outnumbered, outsmarted and he has lost, BAD. Negan stops Rick from cutting off Carl(Bad actor, Chandler Riggs)’s arm after he makes Rick say that he belongs to Negan now. Negan, now satisfied with his bloody victory, kidnaps Daryl, takes off with his army and leaves Rick and the gang to pick up the emotional and literal pieces they are left with. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) says everyone needs to go and get ready to fight Negan but she needs to slow her role. If Rick is going to retaliate, he needs to be smarter, stronger and more brutal than ever. He needs to make sure that when he strikes he ends Negan for good, like my brother Richy says: “They need to kill Negan good, make the dog suffer!”… Jeez calm down Richy, but he’s right. The creators need to make sure that justice is served appropriately.

I give this, The “Checky™ Seal of Approval!” All in all, this was a very dark episode that kept the suspense flowing throughout its runtime. Andrew Lincoln’s performance as Rick Grimes was absolutely fantastic in this episode. Someone just give him all the Emmys already. I hated the season 6 finale but after watching this episode, the wait was worth it and I have total faith in the creative team again. Lastly, the scene where they show a hypothetical future in which Abraham and Glenn are still alive and Glenn and Maggie’s son is grown up and they are all having dinner together completely shattered my heart. I really lost it and if I would have been by myself when I was watching this, I would have probably gotten on my knees and ripped my shirt open screaming, “Nooooo???” … Anyways, those are my two cents, now I wanna hear all your guys’ theories, thoughts, complaints, likes and dislikes about the episode.

Questions to the Victor Valley:

  • Did you guess who the unlucky human baseballs were going to be?
  • What do you think is going to happen to Daryl?
  • How are Rick and the gang going to get payback?
  • What do you think of Negan?
  • Did you think the same way I did, that Rick’s eyes looked beautiful every time they zoomed in on them?
  • Did you cry?
  • Where does the show go from here? How can it top itself as far as shocking and disturbing?
  • What would YOU do, if you were Rick?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I don’t have a signoff for TV reviews sooo, have a great day and… Keep on clickin’?



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