Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Paid Student Internship Program Offered to High School and College Students

VICTORVILLE-(  First District Supervisor Lovingood in an effort to provide real-world experience, has announced a student internship program for those interested in industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to manufacturing.

“There is a serious shortage of internship opportunities in the High Desert,” Lovingood said. “So we’re connecting local college and high school students with employers who will provide real-world work experience in relevant career fields this summer.”

These paid 6-week internships will be available for college and high school students offer 15 hours of work per week at a $12 per hour pay rate.

Those interested should send a resume and a one-page letter of interest highlighting their relevant background and career goals to .  Interns will be selected by the local companies providing the internship opportunities.

Employers who are interested in participating in the program are encouraged to contact the email address above.



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