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Missing Lucerne Valley Woman

UPDATE 3/10/15: On Sunday, March 8, 2015 the white pick-up truck belonging to Krystie was recovered by the Sheriff’s Department in the town of Apple Valley. No further details are available at this time.

Many residents have reported sightings of Krystie through out various parts of the Victor Valley. Even if you think you see her please contact 760-248-7328.

LUCERNE VALLEY-( Krystie Stuart is a 29-year-old Lucerne Valley woman that was last seen on Tuesday at approximately 11024655_10200394398337934_3603363560395540096_n4:20 p.m. by the workers at Jess Ranch Dental following her appointment. The office employees said that Krystie did not seem to be in the best state of mind when leaving the appointment since they were unable to treat her that day, due to an pre-existing medical condition.

Krystie currently lives with her parents and her mother said it is not like her to not answer calls and texts.

“She never does not answer her phone, she always tells us where she will be,” said her mother, Virginia Stuart.

After going to the dentist, Krystie was supposed to go and spend the night with her 18-year-old friend that she always kept in contact with. When she left the dental office she went back to find her keys and although the office staff helped her search for them she did not locate them. Eventually she left using her spare key and her keys were later turned in at the dental office. She did call her friend to let her know that she was on the way to her 11033182_10200394398177930_1216386210448530856_nhome, but did not show up. Virgina, Krystie’s mother, said that she has a history of depression and was weaned off of her medication approximately 3 months ago. Since she got off of her medication, her mother says she has seen a decline in her mood.

A friend from church also mentioned that the Saturday prior when she was at the church helping to clean she began to laugh hysterically, then broke into tears. The woman witnessing this did not know what to think and considered calling for medical assistance, but decided against it.

“Krystie does not like to be alone and does not like the dark,” said Virgina.

Krystie is 5’8”, 107 pounds, she has very long light brown hair, her hair is usually braided and is longer than waist length.

If you have seen Krystie or have any information you are asked to contact her mother, Virginia (Ginger) Stuart or the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department at (760) 248-7328.








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