Saturday, January 20, 2018

Movie Reviews

Creed Sucker-Punches your Emotional Gut

( When I finished watching Creed, the spinoff/sequel of the Rocky Balboa saga, I asked myself: What would I do if my dad died before I was born and I found out he was none other than the boxing legend, Apollo Creed? Making me nothing more than a shadow of a great man, no matter how hard I tried to …

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Deadpool is Not Your Grandma’s Cup of Tea

( Attention fellow adults! If you like to watch funny movies: go watch Deadpool. If you like action flicks: go watch Deadpool. If you like violence and blood: what the heck is wrong with you? Go get help! …and then go watch Deadpool! If you have kiddos who are under-age, you need to get a babysitter and go enjoy this …

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“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” Has Its Brains Slurped Up

( The reason I was interested in watching this flick was because zombies were involved. I never really wanted to watch the “Pride and Prejudice” movies because they seemed boring and too proper to be interesting, but throw in some of Rick Grimes’ mortal enemies from the grave into the mix and I thought, “Sign me up!” Annnnnnnd, in the …

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The 5th Wave is Two Waves Too Long!

( The 5th Wave gives you two flicks for the price of one and, unfortunately, neither of them are good! I wasn’t expecting much going into this flick because I thought it was just gonna be another Twilight or Divergent clone or a Hunger Games wannabe, but then it began and I started thinking, “Whoa, this is some good stuff, …

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The Revenant is an Absolutely Intense and Beautiful Flick

( Right from the start you’re transported to an environment that is gorgeous to witness, but I imagine an absolute nightmare to live in. I am extremely happy to be living where I am, safe from Indians, savages, wildlife and countless other elements that could kill me. You forget you are watching a movie and you actually FEEL everything that …

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