Saturday, January 20, 2018

Movie Reviews

MOVIE REVIEW: It’s No Secret That The Secret Life of Pets is a Silly Good Time

( If you have a pet of your own, be prepared to relate to this movie in a big way. My wife kept going: “Awe, our dogs do that and that too, how cute, those puppies are saying what our dogs think” And I was just like: “Jeez, I’m trying to watch the movie, woman”. Hahaha just kidding. As soon …

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MOVIE REVIEW: The BFG Delivers Pint-Sized Entertainment

( I don’t know about you but I don’t like it when someone is telling me something I already know. They are just going on and on about it and all I want to do is just tell them that nothing they’re saying is necessary. That’s how I felt while watching the BFG. The flick is not atrocious or anything, it …

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MOVIE REVIEW: Independence Day Resurgence is Like an Awful, Made for TV Movie

( I feel so bad for this flick and everyone associated with it. I know that the first Independence Day movie has many flaws but I love it because it was really fun, it made me care about its characters and there were more than a few times when I wanted to stand up and cheer for humanity as it …

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MOVIE REVIEW: Finding Dory Will Swim Right Into Your Heart

( I suggest you bring a big ol’ glass of milk with you when you go watch Finding Dory, because this movie is flippin’ sweet! Even from before the actual movie starts, your heart is already turning into mush with the short film, Piper. The mini movie of a little bird living by the beach is worth the price of …

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MOVIE REVIEW: Warcraft Could Have Used a Spell on Itself to Make it Better

( First off, the Orcs, who are these enormous creatures that the humans are fighting in this flick, are big, loyal, savage, barbaric, badass warriors who are really great to see and ALMOST make this movie worth watching. As someone who has never played any of the Warcraft games, I gotta say that this movie left lots of things unresolved. …

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